Feed Care


Go Care recommends that you serve pet food according to the diet guidelines on the product packaging.

Kittens and puppies should be fed 3 to 5 times daily and have access to food on a continuous basis.

For grown cats and dogs, you can choose to split up the recommended daily amount into two meals.

Our diet guidelines are - as the word indicates - a guide. Maybe your dog or cat eats less or more. It depends on e.g. breed, activity level and life stage. So you can in fact vary the feed amounts up or down to 25%.

We recommend you remove the bowl with any leftovers after each meal. Always make sure to serve the feed in a clean bowl.


It is of course also important to pay attention to the fact that dogs and cats always must have access to a fresh bowl of water, so you need to leave the water bowl and then change the water after each meal to ensure that the water is always clean. Water is very important to your pet's well-being.

Change of feed

No matter if you switch from one variant to another in the Go Care product line, or if you switch from one brand to another, it is important to do it gradually. This means that you need to mix a little of the new type of feed with the one the animal is used to, increasing the amount of the new type over a period of a week or so. This way, the cat's or dog's stomach and intestines are getting used to the new feed. Also, the dog or cat needs to get used to the new flavour and texture.

Complete food

All Go Care products are complete food. The term "complete food" has been defined by law and means that there are requirements to the composition of the feed. The feed must meet 100% with the daily nutritional requirements of the dog or cat. When you use complete food, you need not serve anything else. If once in a while you serve a snack to your dog or cat, like a biscuit, don't forget to retract the same amount of calories  when you serve the complete food meals, otherwise you risk that your four-legged friend gains too much weight.

Dietary complete food

The Go Care Royal product line includes two variants which are termed dietary complete food. These variants are: Weight Reduction and Contra Allergy/Sensitive. Dietary feed is defined by EU law. Among other things, this means that the feed has to be composed to meet with certain legal requirements of e.g. having a therapeutic effect without containing medicine. Furthermore, dietary feed is carefully balanced in order to meet with the dog's daily nutritional requirements 100%. We recommend that you always consult a veterinarian before using dietary feed. The reason for this is that there might be other causes than the nutritional ones for e.g. obesity and allergies.