Go Care

Go Care is simply delicious and is the favourite choice for many dogs, cats and their owners too.

All the products in the Go Care series naturally meet all your requirements for a healthy, complete and balanced pet food for your dog or cat, regardless of breed, age or activity level.

The content of natural animal protein is high, as dogs and cats love meat and enjoy its tasty flavour.

The animal proteins aid digestion and ensure optimal absorption of nutrients.

Our products don't contain any added colours or flavourings.

The rich colours and tasty flavours come from high-quality ingredients.

The series has been developed by vets and produced in Denmark under veterinary supervision. The vets always prioritise the needs of dogs and cats, and know that a healthy and nutritious diet is an important part of a good, active lifestyle.

Go Care is the natural choice for those who know that a healthy and tasty diet is essential for well-being and a high quality of life.

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