Go Care Complete Dog Food and Complete Cat Food

We produce Go Care dog food and cat food at our own modern facilities in Denmark, undergoing rigorous veterinary supervision. The factory is ISO 22000 and BRC certified, and is also subject to ongoing quality control by Bureau Veritas and authority control by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration under the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

We know that dogs and cats love meat. Go Care is two high quality product lines which both contain large amounts of meat/animal protein. The products are very tasty - we know that many cats and dogs do not compromise with taste.

Both product lines consist of products for all breeds, carefully balanced to match your pet's age, activity level and life conditions.

All Go Care products are completely natural - containing no colour or flavour additives. Both the great  taste and colours are natural benefits from good quality ingredients.

Go Care

Go Care is simply delicious. This product is for pet owners who wish to serve their dog or cat a healthy meal which is rich in nutrients as well as nutritiously carefully balanced. All Go Care products have very high levels of animal protein that ensure great taste and healthy digestion.

Go Care Royal

Go Care Royal for all breeds of cats and dogs, is a healthy and nutritious range of top-quality complete pet food. All the products have been developed by vets and are produced in Denmark under veterinary supervision.

We know that healthy and tasty meals are a natural part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Go Care Royal offers different menus: Fresh chicken menus with or without grain. Menus with seafish and even a vegetarian menu for dogs.

We make it easy for you to choose your food for your friend - there are different varieties for all ages and needs: from the playful little kitten or puppy to the placid older pet.

You can also find products tailored specifically for sterilised/castrated dogs and cats, and two dietetic products for dogs with skin and coat problems (shedding and certain types of allergies and intolerances) and for dogs that need to lose weight.

Go Care Royal is the natural choice for those who don't want to compromise on taste or quality.