Veterinarian Quality

All Go Care products have been developed by veterinarians who have years of experience with development of cat and dog food.

The vets' position is quite clear: "It is better to prevent than to cure".

Well-being of pets is always the centre of attention, and the veterinarians' work focuses on the thesis that tasty and healthy pet food plays a natural part of a healthy, active and good life. This is why we only use very high quality ingredients.

The quality of the products is very important, which is why all ingredients, productions and finished products are always checked by a veterinarian.

Naturally, the opinions of both pets and owners are very important to us. Therefore, we test all Go Care Royal products in cooperation with dogs, cats and their owners. Our vets regularly check all the dogs and cats in the Go Care Royal elite panel, ensuring that we can always be confident that all cats and dogs are doing well and thrive on the pet food, regardless of breed, life stage or activity level. We carry out tests to meet the AAFCO's standards and recommendations.

We continuously develop both product lines according to the latest recommendations of some of the world's leading nutrition institutes/trade associations, whose recommendations are internationally recognised:


Based on years of scientific research, the National Research Council (NRC) has developed exact standards of the contents of complete wholesome pet food concerning essential nutrients, including amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.


We have optimised our pet food according to recommendations of AAFCO (the American Association of Feed Control Officials), and we comply with common European feed standards and EU feed law.


FEDIAF is a trade association of the European pet food industry. FEDIAF is an abbreviation of The European Pet Food Industry Federation. FEDIAF represents the European pet food industry before both national and international authorities, and collaborates with research institutes aiming to ensure production and development of healthy, nutritious, and tasty products. Popularly speaking, FEDIAF is the ambassador of both you and your pet, and they acknowledge the important role of pets in society today.


NPFA is an abbreviation of Nordic Pet Food Association.