Go Care Royal Weight Reduction All Breeds 10 kg

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Dietetic dog food with fresh chicken for adult dogs of all breeds during weight reduction. Also suitable for castrated/sterilized dogs with tendency to obesity

Also suitable for castrated/sterilized dogs with tendency to obesity
4% fresh chicken
Natural antioxidants
Natural (no added) colouring and flavours
No wheat

Feeding guide

We reccomend that a veterinarian's opinion be sought before use as obecity may be caused by other factors than an imbalance energy intake and energy expenditure.

Feed your dog according to the feeding guide. You may split the volume into 3-5 daily meals. You should feed with the quantity according to your dog's ideal weight. Once the ideal weight is achieved, you can switch to Go Care Royal Complete.

Ensure that a bowl of fresh water is always available.

Ready to serve. 1dl = 42g.


1 - 5 kg 25 - 75 g
10 - 20 kg 130 - 215 g
30 - 40 kg 290 - 360 g
60 - 80 kg 290 - 360 g


Processed animal protein (20.5% poultry, 4% fresh chicken liver& chicken heart), maize (20.5%), rice (parboiled, broken), dried beet pulp (fibres) (11.6%), potatoes, hydrolysed animal protein (chicken), lignocellulose (fibres), linseeds (3%), fish oil (2.6% salmon), vegetable oil (rape seed), chicory inulin (0.5%), brewers´ yeast, sodium chloride, calcareous marine shells (trace minerals), crude lecithins, egg products (dried), potassium chloride, taurine, natural antioxidants (natural tokoferols, rosemary extract, rape seed oil, crude lecithins, citric acid, silicon dioxid), glucosamine, chondroitin (chondroitin sulphate), fructooligosaccharides, zinc-methionine, l-carnitine (0.02%), microencapsulated vitamin C, mojave yucca, chelated (organic) selenium.

Analytical constituents

Metabolizable energy 327 Kcal/100g
Protein 20.0 %
Fat content 10.0 %
Crude fibre 6.0 %
Crude ash 8.0 %
Moisture 9.0 %
Calcium 1.3 %
Phosphorus 0.9 %
Taurine 0.2 %
Vitamin A 14,400 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 1,440 IU/kg
Vitamin E 144 mg/kg
Vitamin C 40 mg/kg


E672: Vitamin A - retinyl acetate 18,000 IU/kg
E671: Vitamin D3 - cholecalciferol 1,800 IU/kg
E307: Vitamin E - alpha-tocopherol 180 mg/kg
Vitamin C - L-ascorbic acid 50 mg/kg
Trace elements
E2: Iodine (I) added as calcium iodate, anhydrous 6.9 mg/kg
E4: Copper (Cu) added as copper(II)sulphate, pentahydrate 20.0 mg/kg
E6: Zinc (Zn) added as zinc sulphate, monohydrate 233.0 mg/kg
E6: Zinc (Zn) added as zinc-methionin 200.0 mg/kg
E8: Selenium (Se) added as sodium selenite 0.2 mg/kg
E8: Selenium (Se) added as chelated/organic selenium 20.0 mg/kg
Amino acids
Taurine 0.1 %
Natural antioxidants


Chewing friendly round kibbles. Dimensions: diameter approx. 14mm, height approx. 8mm. 


Not open or open bag: Store in a cool, dry place.